Ready the EP

by Konphlicted

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The debut mixtape of Konphlicted. This EP touches on deeply personal issues, social commentary, spiritual matters, and everything in between. If you prefer lyrical rappers, you found it.


released April 15, 2016

Written and Performed by Konphlicted
Engineered by Sche Eastwood



all rights reserved


Konphlicted Memphis, Tennessee

Bringing lyricism, raw honesty, and thought provoking lyrics back to southern rap.

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Track Name: Ready
Niggas got me twisted
Try to spit the love but they rather hear the vicious
Standing as a man in the valley of the bitches
Talking that insanity, like leaving victims dripping
When it comes to action them niggas go missing
Pussy in the air and it smell so vivid
Chasing all them chickens while your children in the kitchen
With no dinner in their belly and about to get evicted
Going insane from this painful dimension
To better things try to pay my attention
Fuck all the haters, my family betrayed me
I use all that rage to portray this rendition
Grinding until I escape this infliction
Never stop til I have changed my position
Sever my veins and they draining the wisdom
I battle through pain and maintaining my vision
If I whisper will you listen
I strive to be wise and I try to be giving
The lion inside of me rises the fire entirely
And this is why I’m conflicted
I come in peace and niggas be tripping
Nothing but silence when violence gets mentioned
Put that aside, just let that shit ride
And focus on rhymes to quit the critics
Where the fuck was you when I was throwing up blood
Every day before school, little nigga needed help
Falling victim to the stress getting mentally abused
By the one I came through, mothafucka gave me breath
Confusing, misusing me losing my health
Concocting a plot to be oozing my wealth
Family ties, a promise and lies
They don’t mean shit, I’ll make it myself
Living dealing with demons
Hearing them screaming
Provoking provocative opposite meanings
Can’t topple my genius
Famished to phoenix, captured this zenith
A savage when speaking
Born a bastard but master beneath the
Spectacular grieving, rather be seeing me
Bleeding, leave to the nether regions
Or caught in a box locked and retreating
I bet I got your jaws dropped now
Don’t look so shocked
I will not be defeated
I remember being ten
Saw you wither away was the closest of kin
But that fight you couldn’t win
And I’m glad you were freed from that pain
But I wish I could see you again
Mi-Mi I miss you, the chemo didn’t fix you
The cells that’s within you infected your tissue
Time that we had I will never forget, true
In my heart you will always exist boo
Flash back to the present
Walk a higher path while I grapple depression
In these paragraphs where I crafted the message
Half wicked graphics half valuable lessons
Dissent from the masses when I depict my passion
Formulated this practice to prevent the regression
They say this couldn’t happen, now nobody is laughing
I’m a lethal assassin when I vent in my session
Control the aggression
Invoking my soul and upholding my ethics
While many let go of their sphere out of fear
Of the coldest rejection, I chose to protect it
I’m bold with my efforts
Regardless if artists and all of the
Modern collective accepts this
You better respect it
Perfected my methods, exploding my essence
Can’t fold cuz I’m destined
Disintegrate into atoms
Sending rhythmic patterns
Beyond what humans can fathom
Data is never destroyed
Record, forged in my matter
The battles and wars stored
Absorbed in a flood, from those that I loved
The blood is leaking, excreting
Seeking the shore, peaked still they reaching for more
Free from discord when I feast on unraveling beats
Til the ravenous beast madness release and peace is restored
Track Name: Dead DImensions
Fully redeemed inside the dreamscape
While under supreme weight
Regimes break, ravines take shape
My mental esteem shakes
Extreme case, it may take place
Where intricate faith withers
Shape shifters tried to escape with haste
Demons make chase quicker, wraiths shiver
From the climate arising a violet (purple)
Violent cataclysm pre-written within the silence
Must a prophet predict the imminent abyss arriving
When we ripping holes in the very sky that we relied in
They say the devil searches for souls it’s those we providing
An endless supply of dying evicted from senseless lying
Crying ions into liquid
The signals prevented by the relentless meniscus
From disturbing the surface intentions
The vile defile virgins, inverting the serpent’s prison
Converting verses written, in plain sight where truth is hidden
Myriad façade of demi-gods revolving the superstition
Involve dissolving religions devolving the intuition
Indoctrinated decisions intended to make incisions
Serving to further murder any and all acts of resistance
The media manufactures facts to distract attention
Extracting that inhibition that causes the intervention
Between becoming enlightened kings and queens or simply living
Being beings bringing beams of light to the plight of existence
Or cast into an unaware despair abysmal prison
Wondering without a care which propels this hell affliction
Is it my mission to regale, tell tales dispel this position?
Or is it I fail to listen, assailed by the dead dimensions
But such inquisitions are neglected and deemed irrelevant
Cash replaces intelligence as the prevalent element
And every since, the bloodshed commences hence
Dispense the pent frustration sensations until I’m spent
Repent and vent spirit awaken elation I represent
While some resent the elevation, escaping
I circumvent, any obstacles placed before me
A vision detailed, while many foretell the opposite story
I opt to concoct an allegory
For those who follow the flock I’m not in your category
Won’t stop although times are gory
And topple the lies before me
Inhibited by distributed waves throwing fits in this cage
Growing demented from venomous rays that’s inflicting the rage
Vague images pervade brains, causing sickness and pain
Invade occipital til all remains a particular strain
Insane villains attacking endocrine systems
A fraction of masses that’s actually feeling
Disastrous endings approaching, most hoping its rescinding
Or cope by pretending
Or vote for a finely tailored joke who spews dope from his throat
Pause several seconds for reflection
A moment for digestion I resume the introspection
The session looms as I consume the luminous selection
A cumulous collection proceeding the bleak complexion
A feasting beak picks bleeding meat at the peak of perfection
I try to speak but it’s too deep leads to a sheep’s rejection
Content to sleep as I seek progression to beat this oppression
Each lesson feeds essence the heat lessens, a brief convection
Divided minds reckless devising to reach acceptance
The signs materialize into weapons
Designed to neutralize and quantify the prime into sectors
Marginalized to spend their lives searching for why to the questions
Nothing is fair
And there is no escaping despair for the aware
Burdens manufacture shackles to bear, caught in the snare
Don’t beg for mercy isn’t it clear that no one cares
In these dead dimensions
Track Name: Depraved Lore
Sometimes I feel my mind’s in a trap that I just can’t get out
Am I adequately defined by these rhymes I spit out
Had enough of these fucks tryna tinker with my mind
So the next time I find these swine
Hitting them in they pig snout
Your kind ain’t allowed in my vicinity
It’s taking everything I have
Not to cripple extremities, seriously
Enemies surrounding me I don’t even deserve
But they nerve come into question
When they sense that I’m disturbed but
The evil inside of me try to purge
But the flak that I’ve been taking’s
Awaking the demiurge, verbs
With four letters come to mind but
Instead I twist these rhymes
Until every word in my lines shook
Define crook, give nothing but take more
Emphasis extreme cases to propagate this race war
Place a woman’s value on how well she plays the fake whore
A man’s worth determined by how much he fucking paid for
Depraved Lore
I find the confusion amusing abusing me losing myself
I try to love but they misuse it I felt
And on this hand I’ve been dealt
Living in prison where my vision’s contained
The strain and pain’ll drive you insane in this pitiful lane

Verse 2
Pivotal literal chains, physical spiritual rage
I feel like an infant whose building blocks
Is getting washed in the rain, caught in the flame
Sick of this battle tryna paddle the shame
It make me wanna grab a pistol empty clips to my face
Seems like everybody that made it is fake
So where does that leave me?
And all my hard work just left me down in debt
Feeling depressed and simply left with regret
And the shit just kills me
Now all that I can do is focus on my plan
Knowing if I ever get the chance to advance
It would be ill see?
Is it a cosmic joke I choke just from the irony
Tryna live with pride while fighting the wild lion inside of me
Are my priorities twisted, dwelling on specifics
When I should be lifted knowing I’m gifted
But the curses since birth dispenses the hurt
It spreads in my head the worthless urges
Purpose what is it shit, I’m wondering til I’m dead

Verse 3

Feeling deprived when I’m living with the villain inside
Like this is my assassination
Others living a lie I strive for emancipation
Until I’m risen in skies
Or whatever happens after you die
I’m ready to fly, so sever the tie
Never apologize for what I feel
Like when lurking serpents surfaces
Feeling urges to kill
They ain’t interested in skills and forsaking the real
Only way that they can deal is with drinking and pills
One minute the trap the next minute racking the mills
Hearing these acting rappers like taking baths in nuclear spills
Fuck a catchy hook look I’m tryna feed facts
Most songs sixteen bars my scars exceed that
But never focus on what others do I heed that
And need to receive that as I proceed to bleed tracks
But loving something you feel obliged to protect it
And when you think its disrespected
Swear to god if someone tries
They better run through they mind a second time
Instead of reckless lying vying to infect it
Yo I need to chill check it…Man I’m tripping
Track Name: Vicious Bars
Ruthless then moving in
Start to see the truth in friends who say you couldn’t win
Trapped within the faker’s den and patience growing thin
Contemplating the situation awakes the sagacious twin
That sees beneath the root straight through to the hearts of men
Faith to face with proof and the truth is out for revenge
Living destitute hung by a noose or seduced by syringe
The severity, clarity never hoped for again
The longevity, severed and desecrated in sin
Bend belief, grief harvested beneath as sheeple sleep
A fickle feat I weep for souls lost
You don’t know the half
I hear the screams when demons crossing my paths
Dealing with the wrath blast
Shit is twisted
When the occasional thought wages an assault
Its vicious-ly insane as sadistic pain
Travels dimensional planes
Cattle misusing they brains
Battle or poof from the flame
When your frontal lobe’s inactive from infinite probes
After masters hacked your matter existing as invalid code
The cold shatters chatter from others offer distraction
Enhancing venomous shackles
Invented to push us backwards, action
Must be taken but which way is the enemy flanking
Excusing me I’m thinking
Am I just wasting my time
I’m losing my mind, I’m sinking
Blinking rapidly tragedy captures me
Nobody loves everybody’s attacking me
Casualties had to be avidly made shit
The wicked ways shit
Yeah I’m tripping
Mediate regain my focus
Calibrate my system crank the ignition
Get back in motion
Who says that rap has to be all about pistols and boasting?
What about expression teaching life lessons
And thought provoking, open
Your minds will you
Let the liquid rhymes fill you
Or stay in the confines of the design
And watch it mildew, a nil few
Probably understand these lines and in their times
Have suffered as much as I have
And I’m so sad from what you’ve been through
Shall we continue?

Verse 2
Konphlicted, multi-syllabic sentence
The only thing that keep me sane when the pain visit
Awfully strange isn’t it when your aim pivots
Constantly strain in this frigid deranged game
Just tryna maintain
But sometimes the cavalry rattle me
Trapped in the fallacy atoms’ll rearrange
When the brain’s belittled subliminally
The enemy’s endlessly vain
But my faculties have to remain the same
Even throughout the rain
When the pain stops
Make a decision to stay in submission
Or commit to picking them chain locks
And the strain flame arises, rage is quiet
The vaguest whispers rips the silence, violence
Flares the sinister blister lions tear their victims
Beyond repair the despair of giants
An icy stare for those who dare to be aware
Within this lair of bias, feeling impaired
Instilling fear under the veil of science
Religion whatever social system dispels the riots
And I am, caught in the tempest
Trying to fix my symptoms
Defiantly keep convictions
Anxiety fits the tension
And as the crimson approaches
The corners of my vision
Something’s got to give is all I can mention
Sick of living hard
Victory’s only worth inches the losses taking yards
Vicious bars follow the sorrow so I’ll embrace the scars
Track Name: Summers Out
Summers out of school
Hooping the park
Acting like some fools
Living works of art
In the days where it was cool to speak on subjects of the heart

Verse 1
Yo, blowing cartridges playing Contra
With bigger brother
Why can’t we go back to that I wonder?
But then the lesson
Is anything built upon a foundation
Cracked beneath the surface
Is destined to burst asunder
So moving on
Remember the times when Now and Later
Painted tongues sprung bronze nothings
Just ducklings a break of dawn
Imitating wrestling maneuvers until mother calls you
To withdraw or so it behooves you
Miniature contradictions
Polite nice silent type like to listen
But call me a punk chump
I’d consume you
We used to joke around clowning to the vaguest humor
Beef occasionally but I never catered to the rumors
Just living life it wasn’t always nice
But shit it made us strong
Torn undergarments and worn shoes I’m putting on
Ready for school
Bell ringing recreating with the best of my dudes
Got a letter from a cutie pie
Saying I’m the flyest guy put a check inside
If I’m feeling her too
I replied inscribing in the provided box
Caught her when our lines crossed
Slipped the note to her in silence
Guess we a couple now after school the violence
But that’s an afterthought I got a girlfriend
Cannot recall the conversations on the phone when
We talked constantly the simpler times
A microcosm of society is that all in my mind, shit

Summers out of school
Chilling after dark
Laughing like a fool
Living works of art
In the days where it was cool to speak on subjects from the heart

Verse 2
Yeah, my interest switched from short stories and poems to music
I took all the rage and sadness inside and infused it
With eloquent speech delivered at a melodic beat
Made a vow to be a lyrical beast never retreat
Those teenage years before my direction was clear
I started distancing myself from the rest of my peers
A seldom few I would hang with
When the game switched
Females on drama, niggas the same gang shit
Still a couple were cool
Late night pizza chilling, Playstation
Speaking on what lady they digging
On the phone with mine later when the meeting was ending
She fingering to my beating ain’t no need for pretending
Shit it might be kids listening what message I’m sending
Damn, just reminiscing on them older times
Borderline nostalgia adore the kind corral you
Enjoy the mind-state beepers cassette tapes
Grapes wasn’t genetically modified
But shit they could’ve lied I guess
Was times really better then or they just hide it best?
Releasing nano-monitors into your sinuses
Clock ticking matter of time before they silence us
Who the fuck I’m kidding no way that they can quiet this
The way the vivid energy spits when the rhythm kicks
Artistic emissions where other dimensions exist
A place I’m glad to say I found when I was just a child
Soldier, grown warrior now and I rep it proud

Living by one rule
Finish what you start
Getting ridiculed
For making works of art
In these days where it ain’t cool to speak on subjects of the heart

Verse 3
Yeah, fast forward from my adolescence to the present
Doing a little better now still there’re parts of me stressing
Is spitting a restrictive prison or infinite blessing, I’m guessing
Both one in the same just perspective really
Don’t even listen to rap no more the lyrics is silly
I ventured more into a funk vibe
Neo soul low tide let the beat ride just glide freely
Fuck the fronting I ain’t stunting I’m just tryna be the
Man I’m capable of, I’m learning to love
Myself despite my many faults
Staying true to my path despite whatever it costs
Head high walking blind this land of the lost
Bled rhymes fed signs but most of them false
I’m at a cross-road
Track Name: Sorrow
Verse 1
I get so sick of writing this shit with my pen
Expressing what’s within although they never comprehend
The longer that I live it just extends my many sins
So burn my blackest shattered ashes scatter in the wind
I’ve always been a quiet guy not materialistic
Walk my own path and follow my intuition
Suffered trials under the darkest clouds just to be different
But the pain keeps changing me plain out of recognition
People fake smile when rain’s coming down they missing
And true colors get shown when your thrown in a cold position
It takes hellava strain to maintain and stay sane
Think I’ve figured the puzzle the pieces just rearrange
The hardest thing’s just feeling that all of this shit’s in vain
Why should it matter whats your lane
When the destination’s the same?
Can’t shake the mental frame that existence is just a vicious game
Why you think people snorting ‘caine
Ignoring destroying they brain?
Avoiding all the rhetoric that’s embedded with lies
It’s wise to peep the signs when the beast is under disguise
Mothafuckas rep the streets and reap the complete demise
Til you open your eyes you sleep in defeat where the sheep reside
Leaking lethal people arise
Premonitions of blind carnage
Dissect the defection of mind where all the crime started
The best have laid down their lives
And in their primes martyred
Only to leave behind the design by which the swine slaughtered
Gluttony and greed exceeds the needs of the mistreated
Who’s to blame fighting for change history keeps repeating
Every day a child’s raping or tapings of savage beatings
Feeling forsaken letting frustration take place of reason
Generation’s disintegrating the hatred is bleeding us dry
Question why you denied and vilified for treason
How many have strived and died to actualize cohesion
And yet we remain in a season where killing defines the region

Chorus x4
It seems wherever I go
The shadows always follow
Will I be freed from the pain and the sorrow tomorrow?

Verse 2

Making excuses from years of abuses would be useless
But I can’t deny that the memories inside a nuisance
Being victim’s a symptom of living in society
But why do the ones I love seem to see the need to lie to me?
It’s difficult to view the truth looking through frames that’s tinted
These words are lessons expressions of pain I ain’t invent it
Can’t ascend til I’m free within I ain’t ashamed to admit it
Half of my brain’s sane the other vein’s deranged and demented
I still remember the day laying displayed in the clinic
Never fade away til I’ve strayed til I’m saved til I’m finished
TIl I’m diminished to my grave and I’m raised and replenished
Til my heart’s intention is properly portrayed in this sentence
Despite the wisdom I’m given the resistance persistent
Is it the system or did I dismiss my mission’s fruition?
Did the fire arise from denying my mind’s ambition?
No signs to find must look inside to guide the decline of friction
Being stuck in the cusp of desperate driven position
And feeling fucked and out of luck makes a livid condition
This world is cruel providing fuel to the given ignition
Can’t prove demons exist but I depict vivid descriptions
You may be born with love in heart
But time teaches you hate
And no matter what path you take there’s no escaping fate
The effects of excessive weight start to affect you atate
Amplified by gods guise spies leaving demise in its wake
They say that nothing lasts forever it has to get better
But it seems as if my endeavors all get drastically severed
And is it simply a fact that I’ve cracked from the pressure?
Or instead of that its under flak which tenacity’s measured?
These questions linger in my mind like a sign to a treasure
If I resign to make the climb will I arrive at pleasure?
Are we confined to grind behind enemy lines together?
Will we define a meaning for our lives or find it never?