Cambodia Soul

by Konphlicted

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This is an unconventional song focusing on global issues and spiritual matters. The delivery is aggressive and rapid.


Vivid…energy fields emitting its will
Steel handles elonged with proponents to kill
But loaded to heal
When my components erode into skill
Composing this spill
Of lyrical evoking a feel
Drowning until I feel I’m locked in a tomb
A consciousness room
Surrounded by twin baphomets
Masturbating to graphic depravic engravings
Of Satan passing from erotic asphyxiation
Whilst penetrated by admiration
Submitted by men of hatred who fill the administration
We currently facing
Turn off the station I’m losing my patience
Infuse the racist who say that the day when
The afro or Haitian who raped and disgraced
When every bit of our culture corrupted by vultures
But most will support them and offer endorsements
Til daughter’s abortion the products distorted
And rot in exotic proportions
Nigga that glock will not stop rigor mortis
Nigga the gospel concocted by sources
Who torture millions and murdering children
Converted the pilgrims from rapists and pillagers
To hopeful villagers down on their luck but still up for rebuilding
Just who the fuck are we kidding?
How much disgusting trucks full of human traffickers
With baskets stuffed of cash from selling ass of fucking kidnapped
Til you address the fact that bad shit inhabits the planet
Before we were dragged from Africa
The truth hurts so deep I wish I never existed
The twisted vision spinning faster than pentagrams crafted
By grandmasters to summon dragons granting the caster
Magic tools he could use with potential to rule the planet
But all the fools just refuse to imagine
Infusing my passion but rather they lather
The latter with data and chattering
On the latest scandal they gathered
To keep peeps enamored by slop which does not matter
Instead of cancelling
A trip to a church or packages of social channeling
I find it baffling
Unraveling the fabric of this tragic programming
Cambodia Soul


released May 2, 2017
Written and Performed by Konphlicted
Engineered by Sche Eastwood
Creative consultant Rithy Phan



all rights reserved


Konphlicted Memphis, Tennessee

Bringing lyricism, raw honesty, and thought provoking lyrics back to southern rap.

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