Secure (Clean Version)

by Konphlicted

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Secure is a love song detailing the growth of a young man lacking confidence. The protagonist matures both individually and in his views towards his woman. The first verse represents young love whereas the second verse represents a mature balanced relationship. I first created the song as part of my songwriter showcase series on YouTube where I demonstrate my versatility as an artist. However, my team convinced me to use the song officially so here we are. Special thanks to Russell and Ryan for inspiring me to utilize the song.


Used to sweat you in high school
I doubt you even noticed me
See you was a cheerleader chilling with the cool kids
The ones that always roasted me
I would get too nervous to approach you
That’s not how it’s supposed to be
But now I’m vocally a savage
Locally a legend
So now it’s you that’s wanting me
Let’s take a week out, maybe to Costa Reek
Just let your freak out, nobody’s judging see
Just let the breeze bounce
Let down your hair and cut the sleeves out
Cuz tonight me and you gonna beast out
Until you see clouds
Forget the nonsense you with your boo
You can be wild, just give me the smiles
And all the honey kisses
And to keep your love baby I’ll be forever driven
Don’t even speak just listen

Chorus x5
Even with the bling and the cars and the pearls
Nothing can compare to the arms of my girl
You can separate all the stars in the world
Never be apart cuz we are that secure

Verse 2
I don’t need your preferral I just let it be
Strange thang when the gut’s sending the same frames
The brain’s telling me click with insane chemistry
Explaining the synergy when we exchange chemically
Or connect with Kemet kinetic energy
Feed me your femininity
Enter the spiritual plane let me ease your pain
And misery we essentially came to entangle memories
So need for games simply plain is history
We meant to be flames sparking our thoughts through rain
And remain here to be endlessly committed
Uplifting each other I love ya another will never disrupt
The structure we forming
You know the haters be swarming but
You ain’t gotta worry bout it getting boring cuz
I’m the type of guy that wilds like a hurricane
Tsunami or other disasters
Still kiss and cuddle you after (huh)
I love to hear that laughter
We can do whatever you want to do we can just chill
And do absolutely nothing it doesn’t matter
As long as me and you are here


released June 27, 2017
Producer : Skeyez Beats
Written and Performed by : Konphlicted
Engineered By : Sche Eastwood



all rights reserved


Konphlicted Memphis, Tennessee

Bringing lyricism, raw honesty, and thought provoking lyrics back to southern rap.

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